Private lessons are one of the best options your goal is to quickly improve your skills. Choose what fits your schedule.

Individual Lessons

Duration Resident Pricing Non-Resident Pricing
 1 hour lesson $65 $70
 1 hour lesson (batch of 5) $305 $330
 1 hour lesson (batch of 10) $592 $637

Private Hourly Group Lessons

This option is available if you have your own group of players at similar levels or your family wants to try it together as a group.  We are able to accommodate you with a Private Group Lessons with the rates below.

Number of Players Resident Pricing Batch of 5 Lessons Batch of 10 Lessons Non-Resident Pricing Batch of 5 Lessons Batch of 10 Lessons
 2 players $75 $352 $682 $81 $380 $737
 3 players  $81 $375 $729 $87 $408 $792
 4 players  $85 $400 $774 $93 $437 $846

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Topics of lessons:

  • Stroke analysis and evaluation; an objective assessment
  • Weakness identification and improvement; a “fundamentals” approach
  • Stroke development; technique, theory, and practice
  • Strategic development; the psychological side of tennis
  • Competitive conditioning; physical development and exercise drills
  • Special request topics
  • Advanced hitting practice

Hitting Sessions

 1 hour hit with 1 player (batch of 5) $200
 1 hour hit with 2 players (batch of 5) $250

Group One-on-one private lessons focus on the details, whether it be in your strokes, footwork, or strategy. Group classes give you the opportunity to drill and play points with a multitude of different people. Matches obviously give you chance to put into effect all of the these things that you have been working on in your private and group practices. But in the one track mind to be the best tennis player ever, many players forget that developing the element of fun and being present in the moment is just as important. Hence why I fully believe in the importance of just hitting.

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Video-Analysis Pricing:

Add the following to any existing private lesson plan.

One On-Court Video Analysis Session 1hr + Video Analysis Report:

$100 (per person, per 1hr session. Includes DVD w/all video recordings)

For more information and details about our Video Analysis feature, click here