11 years & Over – Sundays at 12pm
10 years & Under – Saturdays at 12pm


All tournaments are played in a Round Robin format to give players more playing experience against different styles of game. Each tournament will be played in a 2 hour window, it helps organizers plan a competition and it gives parents and players a start and finish time.

Fee: $20 per Tournament

One of our goal is to put together Junior Teams that would compete against other neighbor communities. In order to give juniors real tennis match play experience we are offering weekly junior tournaments.

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The Scoring System

Juniors should play the best-of-five games, if tied at 2 then an 8 point tie break will be played.

Ranking System

The ranking is based on game winning percentage (total games won/total games played), once we have 6 tournaments played, you will need to have participated at least in 50% of the tournaments to be in the rankings.