Luis RosadoIf you play tennis long enough, you’re going to need your racquet strings replaced.

Let us keep your racquet healthy and in good shape:

  • Here are some tips to maintain your racquet in good shape!
  • Don’t expose it to extreme heat or cold such as by leaving it in your car in summer or winter. A hot car can soften a graphite frame enough that the string tension will pull it out of shape.
  • Keep it out of the sun when not in use.
  • Don’t throw it, bang it, or sit on it.
  • Avoid scraping it while picking up balls.
  • Put protective tape over those parts of the outer surface that you might scrape reaching for low balls.
  • Install a fresh overgrip whenever your grip gets slippery.

Let us keep your racquet in good shape with our stringing services:

  • $30 – includes string(s)
  • $20  – you provide your own string(s)

24 hours turn around service available.